I want to take a moment here and THANK everyone who has purchased a 2018 foal from us. We are truly THANKFUL for your business. We have several repeat buyers, along with several new buyers. Our foals are going all over the United States. We are so HAPPY to see our horses making 

there way across our beautiful 

country. We are so excited to see 

what you can do with your very own

Goetz Ranch Quarter Horse! 

Please send us updates: Both GOOD and BAD! 

These two fancy fillies are headed to Wyoming! 

Thank you Jennifer Merrill! 

This goregous Filly is headed to Missouri!

Thank you Sharon Murphy!

This shapey colt is headed to Kansas!

Thank you McKayla Pepper!

This Black Beauty of a Colt is headed to Colorado! Thank you Polo Quirino!

This Hunk of a colt is headed to Colorado!

Thank you Abraham Esparza!

This Flashy Colt is headed to Colorado! Thank you Abraham Esparza!

This pretty Filly is headed to Pennsylvania!

Thank you Taylor Bowser!

This photogenic Colt is headed to Montana!

Thank you Caitlin Wade!

This beautiful Filly is headed to Texas!

Thank you Rockin K Quarter Horses!

This flashy colt is headed to Missouri!

Thank you Amanda Smith!

This Champagne Filly is headed to Louisiana!

Thank you Dakotah Runyan!

This huge Colt is headed to Georgia!

Thank you Bri Sosebee!

This Stylish Colt is headed to Minnesota!

Thank you Rosa Hemminson!

This Charming Colt is headed to Colorado! Thank you Miguel Vidales!

This stunning colt is headed to Indiana!

Thank you Kimberly Fogerty!

This amazing Colt is staying in South Dakota!

​Thank you Jessie Ahlers!

This Tank of a Filly is headed to Wisconsin!

Thank you Bridget Forman!