Gold Cream Champagne Stallion

KG Talkin Gold x Lynx Native Moon

Fancy never disappoints! This mare is 20 this year and you'd never know. Her foals are consistent and athletic. They are smart and willing and ready for what you throw at them! 

Palomino Roan Filly 

KG Talkin Gold x Love My Fancy 

Only white is on his hind feet! This colt has a pedigree! He is the last foal of Fandel Queen. Don't miss out on this handsome dude! 

Stunning champagne filly. Haven't tested her yet, thinking she's a dunskin champagne. This filly is just stunning! Really on the fence about selling her. 

Baby doll head and a hip that don't quit! This filly is all that and a bag of chips! 


Nice Big Stout colt with a great ranching/ roping pedigree. He should mature to be 15 hands and be able to handle anything you throw at him. ​

Beautiful Blue Roan Splash White 1 filly. She's just perfect in every way! 

She's NOT for sale at this time. We are retaining her for our program! 


This filly tested HOMOZYOGOUS BLACK & ROAN! No white on her anywhere! 

She's NOT for sale at this time. We are also retaining her for our program! 

Blue Roan Stallion! He is very possibly homozgyous black! His conformation is great and has a pedigree to match! He will make a great stallion prospect! He could also carry splash white 1, I have not tested him. He does have white on one of his hind feet. 

Last foal of Lynx Native Moon. We lost his momma this year. He is on a nurse mare. This colt is every bit sweet as he is big! He will make an awesome performance or ranch horse! 



Sable Champagne Stallion

KG Talkin Gold x Ms Cecile

This stallion is one to watch! He is Appendix since his dam is a Thoroughbred! He should be a minimum of 15.3 hands and a max of 16.2 hands! Barrel racing prospect all the way with color to boot! 

Blue Roan Filly 

Kros Blue Bailey x Peppy Blue Lena

Blue Roan Splash White 1 Filly 

Kros Blue Bailey x Zippos Blue Patty 

Welcome to the Foals Page! 

Please make sure you read the Buyer Etiquette & Responsibility on the home page. 

All foals will be AQHA or AHQHR registered! They will ALL have been wormed and have current coggins at weaning time. We disclose everything about the foals whether they have been injured, sick, 5 panel, etc. They are born out in the pasture and we only intervene if necessary. We sell the foals as "untouched." They see us every day when we check them. Some of them will become our best buddy out in the pasture wanting attention. Prices on foals are subject to change as they grow. No prices are set in stone! Make me an offer. 


~~We do allow payments until weaning. 

~~We do accept Credit Cards and PayPal. 

~~Discounts: Show homes - Multi purchase - Paid in Full 

~~ Foals need to be picked up by November 1st. If they need to stay longer, we charge $150 a month per horse which needs to be paid by the 5th of every month! If the payment is later than the 5th, we charge an additional $5 a day until the month has been paid for. 

​     Example: January board is due by the 5th. If it's not paid by the 5th, on the 6th you'll owe $155; on the 7th you'll owe $160, on the 8th you'll owe $165, and so on.